Cool-er E-book Reader

E-book readers are right at the top of the pile of emerging handheld gadgets, giving owners the chance to catch up on the latest novels or magazine titles without having to physically set foot inside a book store.

Although leading brands like Sony have released readers into the market in recent times, a number of lesser known challenger brands are now trying to get involved too.

Heading the charge is Cool-er, which has brough out a no frills E-book reader that looks similar to the Sony PRS 505 but does not perform as well as that device.

Just like the Sony PRS, the Cool-er model features a 6-inch E Ink display screen and even the button layout is similarly placed.

The good news is that the Cool-er model has a hefty 1GB of storage space, allowing you to keep many, many book titles on the device for quick access.

Also good is the ability to switch texts between portrait and landscape views, allowing you to decide which viewing option is more suited to the text you are reading.

Unfortunately there are a number of drawbacks to the Cool-er that make it questionable as to whether purchasing one in its current form is a good idea.

The hardware of the device has a clunky, plasticy feel to it, akin to the cheap iPod imitations that flooded the market after the release of that successful music player.

The buttons can be difficult to press and one does not get the impression that the device is particularly well made in terms of seals and strength of build.

In comparison to similar products like the Amazon Kindle 2, the Cool-er reader is much lighter. The Kindle 2 weighs in at 10.2 ounces but the Cool-er is only 5.6 ounces.

Another drawback is the lack of Wi-Fi. While the more expensive items in the E-book reader market are able to wirelessly connect when the option is available, the Cool-er reader can only connect via a USB cable.

The big plus is that the Cool-er model is cheaper upfront than its competitors. At $250 it is at the low end of the market.


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