TV Tricklesaver

Are you determined to reduce the amount of money wasted on standby appliance switches?

The TV Tricklesaver could be your new best friend.

This is a pretty simple device that is surprisingly late to enter the market. When you think about the amount of money that can be saved through such a device, it is remarkable that one hasn’t been introduced earlier.

In simple terms, the TV Tricklesaver reduces the energy consumed by your TV and related appliances when they are on standby.

Seeing as it is estimated that the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 will each use about US$250 worth of electricity annually when on standby, this device could save you a packet.

The way it operates is that when your TV is switched on or off, the Tricklesaver identifies this.

Then, a signal is sent to either turn on or off all other attached accessories in accordance with the TV.

In this way you can turn off or on all connected appliances simply by activating the TV.

The product is pretty easy to install and can be used in both home and office setups. It also won’t stick out and look ugly, thanks to its ability to mount in hiding places like TV cabinets or under desks.

A one-year warranty comes standard to protect you from defective components and manufacture.

So if you want to cut down on energy costs, this could be your ticket.

The TV Tricklesaver retails at US$35.


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