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Palm Pre vs iPhone 3GS

Palm and Apple have released their much-awaited latest generation mobile phones within two weeks of each other, signaling a titanic struggle for sales and market share. But what potential buyers really want to know is: which one is better? Let’s take a look at the main sticking points, and you can decide for yourself.

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iPhone 3G S – more specifications

The highly anticipated iPhone 3G S announced on Monday this week sports some fine new technology to rocket Apple further ahead of its competitors, even the ambitious Palm Pre. One of the first carriers to detail the specifications of the iPhone 3G S is T-Mobile in the Netherlands. It claims the 3G S houses a […]

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iPhone 3G S: Overview of Features

Here is a brief overview of the iPhone 3G S’s new features: Speed: The “S” is for Speed, according to Apple. The 3G S is faster at launching applications and rendering web pages than its earlier counterparts due to a new a new processor. Launching messages is 2.1 times faster and overall there is an […]

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