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Scottevest Signature Jacket

Have you ever fantasized about a piece of clothing that does everything you ever wanted? The ultimate gadget jacket, perhaps? Well, it might be impossible to ever have a ‘perfect’ piece of gadget clothing, but the Scottevest Signature Jacket comes pretty close.

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iPod-Friendly Hoodie

Anyone with plenty of gadgets will surely appreciate this iPod-friendly Hoodie that loves your MP3 player as much as you do. The iPod-friendly Hoodie or Sweatshirt has six pockets for you to stash all your private stuff in various places. The sturdy stitching means that washing and drying doesn’t skew the seams no matter how […]

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Gadget Vest

There isn’t much in the way of gadget clothing at the moment, but here is one item that will delight the geek inside (and outside) you. It’s called a PAN (Personal Area Network). This vest has a version number (4.0) and has 29 hidden pockets to lose things in. The features of the version 4.0 […]

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