Vital Jacket Heart Rate Monitor

When it comes to monitoring your heart rate, there is no better device than something that actually covers your heart rather than your wrist, like a jacket!

Vital Jacket is an extremely versatile heart-monitoring system made in a wearable form and created in Portugal. Joining textiles and microelectronics, it was designed to be able to monitor health status in different life situations.

As well as being fairly comfortable to wear, it has all abilities to perform high quality vital signs monitoring, from a heart rate to a full electrocardiogram of a patient.

The jacket has the capabilities to store the data on a memory card to be analysed at a later date, or it can be shown instantly on a screen, depending on the jacket model.

While the jacket technology is more expensive than the standard wrist watch equivalents, the extra features and capabilities that come with it are well worth the extra coin.


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