Microsoft Surface Unit

Microsoft has produced its newest technological breakthrough, unveiling the most advanced computer touch screen table on the market, the Microsoft Surface Unit.

Think an oversized iPhone, lay it down on its back, add a base, throw in state-of-the-art wireless capabilities, enhanced capacities and you have yourself the latest computer screen product.

Like the iPhone, the Microsoft surface unit uses a ultra sensitive touch screen allowing users to navigate through the interface using their hands.

The Surface unit has cameras underneath the screen which can predict your next movement and reacts accordingly, creating images and bringing up browsers as you navigate your way through.

Place a camera on the surface and it will automatically read its contents and instantly bring up the files on the screen. Throw your credit card on the screen and within a second your details will be brought up, allowing you to process transactions.

It is the perfect system for retail and hospitality industry in which fast, easy payments can be made.

The Surface units are predicted to revolutionize the computer world and the way many industries use technology.

It signals the death to many old technologies like the mouse curser, which has slowly been phased out by touch screens in recent years.

Currently we can find these units in hotels, casinos, restaurants and retail stores, with the market predicting households to start using them throughout the year.

The price tag for the Microsoft Surface Unit varies between $5,000US and $10,000US depending on what model and what features come with the unit.



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