Nokia 3720 – The Indestructible Phone

If it is an indestructible phone you are after, look no further than Nokia’s newest little treasure, the Nokia 3720.

Ranking up there with one of the most durable phones, the 3720 is IP54 certified,

Meaning it’s dust and splash resistant. What it lacks in state of the art technology, such a touch screens and software, it makes up with its promise to survive any fall, blow or liquid that stands in its way.

It has been a few years since Nokia released their last dust and water resistant phone, the Nokia 5500 sport, and the good news is they have managed to make their new one aesthetically pleasing as well!

Unlike the old 5210, “tradie phone”, which had a built in rubber casing to make it shock resistant, Nokia has managed to create an in-built shock proof system in a relatively slimmish phone.

As usual, the phone comes with 2mp camera, radio, bluetooth, radio, and Nokia maps among many other functions and specs.

The Nokia 3720 is expected to hit the shelves in September 20009 and although there is no word yet on it’s pricing, we expect it to be pretty cheap.


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