Samsung S9110 Watchphone

Samsung has provided the biggest challenge to LG’s GD910, unleashing their first watchphone, dubbed the Samsung S9110.

The Samsung S9110 is currently the world’s thinnest watchphone on the market, measuring a thickness of just 11.98mm.

And for those who think the new design is more about a gimmick than an actual decent phone system, think again!

The watch/phone features a 1.76-inch touch screen, speakerphone, music player, Bluetooth, voice recognition and e-mail (Outlook sync) support. It also carries scratch resistant glass and comes with a stainless steel metal body and leather wrist belt.

In terms of specs, the watchphone supports 900/1800MHz, 40MB internal memory and uses a 630mAh battery.

While the Samsung S9110 will be cheaper than the LG Watchphone, it will still do some damage to your pockets, going at the quite expensive price of around $640US.

They will be released in France later this month, with Australia expected to see them on the shelves later on in the year.

While it may take some time to stick, the idea of having a mobile phone as a wrist watch is a concept worth experimenting with and Samsung have done a great job in ensuring their new desing is seen as a potential new product for the public, not just a gimmick for publicity.

For a while we were seeing mobile phones effect the watch market with their ability to carry the time. Now for the first time in quite some time, we could see the tables reverse with new watch technology changing the use of mobile phones in society.

Either way, the Samsung S9110 is a nice little design and well desrerving of the attention it receives.




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