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All about netbooks

Netbooks have taken the portable computing world by storm. Simply put, a netbook is a trimmed down version of a laptop computer, ideal for browsing the internet, e-mailing and watching low quality movies, but not much else. You will find that the internal specifications of netbooks hardly vary; however, the level of performance and price […]

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Samsung BD-P3600

A common complaint from movie watchers who have made the switch from DVD to Blu-ray is that the loading times for Blu-ray players are excruciatingly slow. Enter the Samsung BD-P3600, probably the fastest player to date in terms of loading and operational times. The BD-P3600 matches and sometimes outstrips the super quick PlayStation 3, making […]

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Palm Pre vs iPhone 3GS

Palm and Apple have released their much-awaited latest generation mobile phones within two weeks of each other, signaling a titanic struggle for sales and market share. But what potential buyers really want to know is: which one is better? Let’s take a look at the main sticking points, and you can decide for yourself.

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