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80s Inspired Gadget Shoes

What will they think of next? These 21st century shoes are so “hi-tech” they actually include a CD player that won’t skip as you walk, run or job around. The speakers look like they have been yanked right out of the 1980s and the overall design of the shoes is pretty retro itself. Gadget shoes […]

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Towel Rail TV

A TV that provides toasty warm towels for you when you hop out of the bath? Who knew it could ever be true. The Brand new Towel Warmer series from Aquavision offers a number of different sized towel rail TV combinations, each with high specification waterproof 17” LCD television screens. Each TV screen uses Mirrorvision […]

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Eye-Me-Dot Light

Lights are only used to illuminate and not do much else, but this light seems to take things a bit more seriously. The Eye-Me-Dot hangs far above your head and spotlights on where you sit. If at any time you peer above, you’ll notice the alarming resemblance to an eye and giving you the feeling […]

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Gadget Watches

Making gadget watches is not exactly a new phenomenon. The Casio Calculator watch has been around for dog’s years. Regardless, there are still plenty of cool gadget watches you can strap to your wrist. Calculator Watch by Casio This cool time piece is about as retro a gadget as you can get and even appeals […]

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Tumi Sando Gadget Bag

By nature, a gadget bag need to be able to carry all the personal gear you like to have on hand at all times, including a mobile phone, a miniDV camcorder, extra tapes, batteries, wallet, pens, a notepad, a PSP or Nintendo and so on. One of the best gadget bags that can carry all […]

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iPod-Friendly Hoodie

Anyone with plenty of gadgets will surely appreciate this iPod-friendly Hoodie that loves your MP3 player as much as you do. The iPod-friendly Hoodie or Sweatshirt has six pockets for you to stash all your private stuff in various places. The sturdy stitching means that washing and drying doesn’t skew the seams no matter how […]

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Gadget Vest

There isn’t much in the way of gadget clothing at the moment, but here is one item that will delight the geek inside (and outside) you. It’s called a PAN (Personal Area Network). This vest has a version number (4.0) and has 29 hidden pockets to lose things in. The features of the version 4.0 […]

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Bag Accessories: Useful Travel Gadgets

Portable Digital Luggage Scales: when you’re travelling, it can be tough to keep your bag under the weight limit. Add several different weight systems at several different airlines into that mix and you’ll find that you often have to pay to exceed the limit or leave something behind. With a Portable Digital Luggage Scale, you’ll […]

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