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Safari 4: Fastest Browser or Failed Attempt?

Amidst all the iPhone 3G S hoo-ha at the WWDC last week, Apple’s public version of Safari (version 4) has been released. Apple touts the browser to be the latest and greatest way to browse the web regardless of whether you’re a Mac or Windows user, but does it deliver? The biggest overall changes to […]

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The Most Affordable MacBook Line up Ever

The Apple WWDC brought all sorts of fantastic news for those who have been saving their pennies for a new MacBook Pro or Air. As usual, Apple delivered on their promise to amaze and impress by announcing a whopping price drop for old MacBook Pro and Air models and announced new MacBook Pro models and […]

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Security Breach for BlackBerry

RIM, makers of BlackBerry, have issued a patch for the device that claims to cover a potential security fault which can create an opening for potential hackers. Details of the patch are not yet available and at face value it seems to be an important one. BlackBerry insists that users disallow the opening of attachments […]

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