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Vital Jacket Heart Rate Monitor

When it comes to monitoring your heart rate, there is no better device than something that actually covers your heart rather than your wrist, like a jacket!

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Tumi Sando Gadget Bag

By nature, a gadget bag need to be able to carry all the personal gear you like to have on hand at all times, including a mobile phone, a miniDV camcorder, extra tapes, batteries, wallet, pens, a notepad, a PSP or Nintendo and so on. One of the best gadget bags that can carry all […]

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Bag Accessories: Useful Travel Gadgets

Portable Digital Luggage Scales: when you’re travelling, it can be tough to keep your bag under the weight limit. Add several different weight systems at several different airlines into that mix and you’ll find that you often have to pay to exceed the limit or leave something behind. With a Portable Digital Luggage Scale, you’ll […]

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